Artbook spread Gratitude / Разворот в артбук о благодарности

Hello, beautiful people! New artbook spread for Art Daily Cafe.

I often forget to note the things I should be grateful for in my life. But there are so many wonderful things, kind people, beautiful moments that are worth being remembered and grateful for! One should always keep in mind to thank God (or the Universe, or wahtever one believes in) for all the good going on around, because this is the way to focus on these good things, and not the opposite. I noticed that I have become a little bit of pessimist over the time, and being grateful is what I definitely can do to turn me back to the brighter side.

Being simply thankful is not enough, actually. It is so easy to forget the good if you only think of it once... That is why I suggested to myself to write down my gratitude. I guess I should once make a gratitude jar to help me to hold on to the feeling of thankfulness by writing down the good things happening to me all the time, and putting all the little notes in that jar. But I started with the art journal spread and a little envelope on it to hold the notes with the most essential "things" I am always grateful for.

Stamping ideas are from Stamping School

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