Altered motoroller tutorial / МК по альтер-мотоциклу

Сняла видео по альтер-мотоциклу, переделке старой игрушки сына в подарок коллеге, который и мотоциклист, и плотник одновременно.

ENG Hello Mixed Media Place friends! 

Today I would like to share my new altered object tutorial. I do not often alter kids´ toys, but this time I had this thought of creating a cool masculine art object out of my son´s toy bike. My male colleague is fond of bikes, and he is also a carpenter and a furniture restorer, so I decided to make this altered bike for him as a Christmas gift. As you may notice, there is a crate full of miniature carpenter tools on the back of the bike :) This is how I combined two life interests of my colleague, so he could relate to the gift.

The main mixed media products for this project were Black Heavy Gesso and rust pastes of different shades. I have painted the toy bike black with the gesso, and decorated it with metallic embellishments. I attached the latter with the Heavy Body Gel. I also created a crate out of matchsticks, and painted it black as well. Then I used three Rust Pastes to add color and a little bit of sandy texture to the art object. When the bike was dry, I retouched it with the Opal Wax, adding some metallic shine to the surfaces. 



Used products:

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