МК по гламурным закладкам / Mixed Media Bookmarks Tutorial

Всем привет!
Для блога Mixed Media Place и для всех друзей смешанных техник подготовила МК по созданию закладок для книг. Практичные и красивые :) Смотрите сами!

ENG Dear Mixed Media Place friends! Greetings! This is my first blog post for this beautiful blog, and I am very happy to share with you my art. I am a huge book fan, so here is something that I wanted to make for a long time already: the mixed media bookmarks for my books! I am sure this glamorous couple is just a start for a much bigger collection in the future. And they are a great gift for friends too, aren't they?

I like to recycle my art and craft products´packages, so I used one for the base of my bookmarks. I strengthened them from the backside with a textile tape, and covered the all with Heavy Black Gesso. So the bookmarks turned out pretty flexible and elastic. Then, I added some color and texture using a turquoise embossing powder and a heat tool. The next step: white modeling paste through a 7 Dost Studio stencil, to create more texture. 


The bookmarks need to be totally flat, so the only decorations I could allow here were paper die cuts and some stamps. I glued them all on, and colored the bookmarks and the embellishments with golden, blue and black acrylic paints - all sparky and shiny! I also added some blue glitter on them, and sealed it all with Soft Gloss Medium, so there would be no chance for my bookmarks to leave any stains on the book pages.

Final touch: I added a beautiful brad and a faux crystal swinging element to the bookmarks to make them look even more chic. And voilà, everything is ready!

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