Елочный шарик / Christmas bauble

Всем привет!

В блоге Scraps N Pieces вышло новое крутое задание "From Trash to Treasure". Как же мы все любим переделывать что-то, спасенное из помойки, в арт-объекты :)) Ну я так точно люблю. На этот раз вот переделала погрызанный соседской собакой мячик моего ребенка в шарик на елку :) Присоединяйтесь к нам в блоге Scraps N Pieces!

ENG  I made a Christmas bauble out of trash :) My daughter had this little rubber ball she played a couple of times outside with last summer. Then our neighbor´s dog stole the ball, chewed it for a month and then it was gone... Last week we accidentally found it in front of our house in the snow! My daughter brought it home and wanted to keep playing with the ball! I did not want to keep a cheap ball that was chewed by a dog and then no one even knows what happened to it for several months outside... But then we decided that the ball that underwent so many adventures should not just end up in the garbage. So I washed it well (the ball was in a surprisingly good condition) and turned it into a Christmas tree bauble.
On the picture, you can see the ball after washing. Then I covered the ball with two coats of white gesso and some lace that I cut out of an old curtain. Then I colored the future bauble with ink sprays, used a golden wax to relieve the texture of the lace and a texture paste that imitates snow. The bauble is decorated with mulberry flowers, beaded berries, real anise stars and a lot of glitter and sequins.

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